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Around every bend is another epic adventure. Around every corner awaits another once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Take an unforgettable journey through the uniquely themed park THE WONDER WORLD, where the city's most cutting edge rides, shows and interactive attractions bring your favorite moments to life.

Riding on Boats, Eight bogies Toy Train powered by diesel engine, Perched on a pivot, the Pirate Ship rocks like a pendulum, giving rise to a cyclone at the pit of your stomach! You experience a new feeling with each swing at the Pirate Ship. Free your child at our Children Play area. It's a kid's playground at the corner of the Park, where they can enjoy themselves with their friends. Listen to rhythmic music while you meander through the Park, as you go along taking the sight and sound and get a view of some of the rides.

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    RoshniSinghjayitaNitin011Melbourne Headshot Company
  • We had a corporate picnic organized in wonder world and really we were very happy with the hospitality of the people out there and also the place was so soothing it took out the stress out of us. We are planning to visit wonder world once again next year.
    Roshni Singh
  • We enjoyed a lot with our friends and family in wonderland, our picnic was successful as everyone liked the amusements as well as the scenic beauty and ambiance of the place.
    Jayita Bhattacharya
  • The name is really meaning full wonder world because my entire family had a wonderful time out there specially the kids who were not willing to come back home.
    Nitin Gupta
  • The Wonder world did wonders to my children as they had an amazing weekend in The Wonder World when they came back they were more studious and serious asking us to take them to the place again.We loved the boating and toy train whereas our kids loved each and every thing about The Wonder World.
    Vikas Agarwal

Take a Quick-Look of our Park

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